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Time to Register for classes!

The UIUC campus is finished.

simbana campus simbana quad urbana

Well, me BUILDING on the university is finished. I just need to tweak a couple things, and it will be ready for the kids to go to school. here are the fronts of a couple buildings i finished. details like the backside or floor pics can be found on my flicker page.

noyes front lincoln front impe front foellinger front bromley front

Here you see the campus, Noyes, Lincoln, Impe, Foellinger & Bromley.

Now let me say, i've never been in bromley. so i have NO clue what it looks like inside, or what the rooms look like. and i've only been in Impe like once...which was for fashion show practice.

So none of these building have the exact interior as the original, just because that is basically impossible. and if you ask why there are so few floors, well, it would be impractical for my game to have a building with that many floors. i'd need more RAM for my computer cuz it would run hella slow. so the exterior looks as much like the original as i could make it. sweet. next up, we have the apartments i made. i'm pretty satisfied with them. :D

808 801b Front 1010 green balconies

Just four... we have the ever-popular (maybe TOO popular) 808, 801b, 1010, & the Green Balconies. I do have the boardwalk apartments, but i'm still kinda fixing it...i can't remember what the windows look like, so i have to wing it. you can actually see it in the campus picture...upper lefthand corner. btw, i made schnucks as the neighborhood grocery store. you can see it in the simbana north pic, upper right hand corner. also in that pic, you can see my ghetto helene gateway across the street from ISR. hahahaha.

The apartments are set up VERY differently. They each have about 5 rooms, each room taking the space of where an apartment would be. Why? because i can't have 16 playable sims living in one building. at most 8, but i'm fine with around 5.

1. If you want your kid to live in a specific dorm then apartment building, please tell me. If you don't, they'll end up living where you did. If i didn't build your dorm/apartment, then i'll place them where they fit. All of our 1st borns will go to college 1st. if there's enough room (because i haven't calculated if there is), the 2nd borns can come, in alphabetical order. that's the only fair way :D. i know, i'm crazy. Available dorms & apartments:
ISR - 16 rooms, 8 playable
PAR - 12 rooms, 8 playable
Bromley - 8 rooms, all playable
808 - 5/6 rooms
801b - 5/6 rooms
1010 - 5/6 rooms
G. Balconies - 5/6 rooms
Boardwalk - 5/6 rooms

2. Do you want to pick your teens majors? here's a list:
Psychology - easiest career transition to a Paranormal career (new!)
Drama - easiest career transition to Show Business (new!)
Art - easiest career transition to be an Artist (new!)
Philosophy - easiest career transition to the Slacker field
Biology - easiest career transition to a Natural Scientist career (new!)
Economics - easiest career transition to a Business career
Literature - easiest career transition to be a Criminal
Mathematics - easiest career transition to a Natural Scientist career
History - easiest career transition to a Military Career
Physics - easiest career transition to be a Scientist
Poli Sci - easiest career transition to the Politics Career
Mixology - easiest career transition to be a Bartender (new!)

Just because they pic a major doesn't mean they can't work any all has to do with what skills are required to graduate in a certain major and a career with similar skills needed. As long as a sim learns the skills needed, they can work any job. Also, for the 5 new careers, only sims that graduated from college can get those careers. too bad for our sims! booooo. i'd totally give my sim the paranormal career hehehe :D.

Next time on Simbana: Welcome to the Neighborhood! Guess the 6 new couples that moved into town!



How could love go so wrong? When there's a haht man involved, well I suppose anything can happen. And that's just what happened in the case of the ex-Mrs. Sharon Delatorre Farrell.

Sharon and Colin shared a great love, ultimately resulting in six gorgeous children. But already by the 2nd child, Wentworth, you can see that someone else tickled her fancy, a man she probably thought she'd never meet.

But lo and behold! Look who moves into town! Mr. Wentworth Miller. And of course, Sharon was one of the lucky ones to be in the Simbana Welcoming Party that day.

Wentworth giving Sharon a backrub
As you can see after he finished giving her a backrub, Wentworth digs Sharon as much as digs him.

So one night, when Sharon invites Wentworth out for decorating tips, Wentworth decides to go for it and makes out with her. Is it a crush? No, Wentworth is in love. So in love that he wants to get engaged to a married woman!

Sharon and Wentworth Wentworth in Love? Wentworth in Love


A few nights later, Wentworth invites Sharon over to confess his love. After a little makeout session on the bed, Sharon also falls in love.

In Love...

So how did it all turn out?

Sharon thought Colin would be out the whole day and invited Wentworth over. As things started getting a lil hot in the bedroom, Colin catches them in the act! See how it all went down:

Sharon was pretty cruel at the end there, aye? Wow. ;) Colin thought she was pretty cruel too...just hearing a song brought him to tears (ya best put yer speakers on for this one! i didn't set this one up!)

It was all just too much for Colin. He just couldn't take it anymore. He moved out and brought Seamus, Skyy and Charlize with him. Sharon went over there to try to make amends but Colin breaks up with her and shatters her heart like she shattered his.

Sharon has since moved on with her life. She took back her maiden name, and Payton, Wentworth (her son) and Dylan also took her maiden name. Also, they invited Wentworth Miller to live with them, since he plans on marrying Sharon and starting a new life with her. So begins her new life with Wentworth. Will they reach their golden anniversary together? Or will Sharon's eye wander to the next hottie that comes into town? Only time will tell in Simbana!

Gotta love the cheesy-ness :P


Estou aqui em negócios!

If you still come here, WOW! thanks! i know it's been a while, and i've promised some event updates, but reality had to come first over the end of summer and through the holidays. there are A LOT of birthday shindigs we all attended to in the fall!

so i will bring you Infidelity, Sharon Style, but i'll have to write that code a lil later.

but first, let me ask you, what car do you want your sim to drive? YES! with my new christmas gift from my wonderful sister (& bro-in-law & godson), our sims can own vehicles and drive them places!

so if you're curious as to what's out there, here are some websites i've found & frequent. i know it may not be alot, but i've only spent a few hours looking for good car sites.

mod the sims 2
fresh prince creations
maximum_spider website

anyhoo, since i saw a couple people online earlier, they were able to pick out their cars:

Liss: 2008 Lexus RX400 Hybrid. going green in green of course!

Paul: VW Bus - no neon peace bus, sorry buddy. pick another color, or i'll stick you with red, yellow, or pale blue.

PJ: Nissan Skyline GTR33 in black. sorry pj, i couldn't get the specific one you wanted. so this'll do :D

and for me? i'm still searching for my 1995 mitsubishi eclipse (i don't know why i like that car) though the 2007 looks nice, but i'll either settle for a honda pilot (can't find the crv), or a Land Rover. niiiiiiiiice. ;)

so just gimme a few days, and i'll have uploaded the tragedy that is Sharon & Colin's marriage. sweet. also to come, we have 6 newbie couples to the neighborhood! can you guess who? i'm sure you never will unless i already told you! cheaters! ;)

ciao belo!



Pj & Baby Lanie

Meet Lanie, PJ's new baby girl. Straight from his womb. That's right folks! PJ's womb. Obviously, seeing Lanie's features, you know what happened.


It finally happened! Truthfully, I tried making it happen everytime I played PJ's home. There's a 5% chance that a sim will be abducted while stargazing through the Farstar e3 Telescope between the hours of 7pm and 2am. And every time a male sim is abducted, they always return pregnant. Sweet.

First, 3 videos: PJ coming home from the abuction, PJ going into his 3rd Trimester, & PJ giving birth, which is a lil different than when ladies give birth. I'll have to put up one of those. After that, pictures showing the progression of PJ's pregnancy.

AbducteeGagging...Morning SicknessMale Maternity Wear2nd Trimester3rd TrimesterFamily Greeting

a lil something extra...PJ & Kate's kids that have grown up. Lanie, Fenton, Kenny, and Bianca(before and after her makeover).

Toddler LanieToddler FentonTeenage Parker
Bianca Pre-MakeoverBianca, Post-Makeover

Next time on Simbana! Infidelity, Sharon style. Niiiiice.


House of Riches and Lovin

Chris has reached the top of his Business Career Track: Business Tycoon. Every morning of work, the corporate helicopter pics him up:

Chris's HelicopterHelicopter interior

This video is of the helicopter dropping him off. You may even be able to see him and another bystander covering their ears from the sounds of the helicopter. How cute. ;)

Also, Devon went from child to teen. I added a lil patch on his chin. I think it fits.

Devon as a child ------> chrisDevonTeen

But most interestingly...Chris's eldest, Sasuke. He's on full power with his Romantic Aspirations...well, as far as teenagers can go. First, Sharon's daughter, Payton. Next, Henson's daughter, Jordan. And by the way, Jordan is also going steady with Sharon's son, Seamus. Lil minx. Apparently, Sasuke is quite irresistible.

Sasuke's Lifetime WantPayton and SasukeSasuke and PaytonSasuke and JordanSasuke's Wants

Sasuke's first kiss was with Payton. Here's how it went:

And to finish things off... lovin, Mata style. Love the Woohoo.

SPECIAL EDITION NEXT TIME: Something real special. Something that PJ may kill me for. But since I only had a 5% chance of making it happen, it was well worth it. I'm so excited about this, that my kids' makeovers and Sha's infidelity can wait. That'll come in the days after. I hope I don't disappoint you ;)


Simbana in Action!

I finally set up a YouTube account and found a way to edit my video clips from Simbana. Now you can experience a part of the hilarity I experience every time I play Sims2. We'll start with the oldest ones first...and I'll upload more during the week so as to keep you all busy during work ;). If there's a Simbana moment you want me to capture, please feel free to ask. :D

1. The very first movie I took for Simbana! It's of Liss and me doing our secret handshake when Liss came out to greet me. The quality is horrendous, and the movie is pretty small. Why? I didn't remember to first fix the video settings on sims. So the video is on all the lowest settings.

2. Remember how I told you that Paul looked through his telescope during the day, and was pretty much spying on neighbors? Well this is the reaction from the neighbor being spied on. Jen's hubby, Dr. Daniel Jackson looked through his telescope during the day and spied on my house. I love the good doctor's face as I walk away at the end. niiiiiiice.

3. Twan & Ian make out. As Twan is pregnant with their love-child, Izaak.

4. Something unSimbana related. Paul and his magic shirt. Pay close attention because it happens fast! sorry for the bad was taken at a dark lounge.

::Simbana Updates::

Simbana University Building: PAR. Finished inside. Not to scale :D. Couldn't fit all the rooms hehehe.

PAR 1st FloorPAR 2nd FloorPAR 3rd FloorPAR 4th Floor

The Pitt/Leynes Estate. Aleysen finally becomes a child, baby Brendan becomes a toddler, and Ethan becomes a teenageer.

Aleysen as a ChildAleysen as a ChildBrendan as a ToddlerEthan as a TeenagerAbby's Uniform

Next time in Simbana: The Mata/Aguilera Estate, the Eads/Feliciano Estate, and movies about infidelity, breakups and crying! Farrell/Delatorre style!


Jam Packed Edition!

***Quick News Flash***

Valentine's Day is usually a romantic occasion. But not for one unlucky teenager in Simbana...or is it? This past V-Day, one Kenny Famarin was stargazing in the family telescope and was suddenly abducted by aliens. While he was gone, he was being experimented on. How do I know? His needs were going CRAZY! After a few hours, he returned...wanting to be abducted again. He even wants family members to be abducted!

Kenny's back!

Be abducted! No more abductions!
***End News Flash***

The correct answers to Guess that University Simbana Building:
1. University YMCA
2. PAR
3. ISR
4. Espresso Royale and Canopy Club
5. TIS Bookstore
6. IUB

Good job PJ, and thanks for playing! hahahaha

ISR is the only dormitory ready for inhabitants. PAR will be next. Any other dorm you guys want done? i was gonna do bromley, but i have NO idea what it looks like, and there are only a few pictures of it online...i think because it's private certified housing.
ISR Closeup ISR Level 1 ISR Level 2 ISR Level 3 ISR Level 4

ISR now has a pool, hot tub, gym, cafeteria, computer room, and can house 20 people. PAR will house about 24.

Twan and Ian's son has grown into a toddler. however, life with half brothers isn't that least his sister likes him. :( Check out the picture captions in flicker for more info.

Twan's Pregnant! New baby Izaak Suspicious Will Izaak's Family Tree Twan's Family Tree Ian's family tree
Toddler Izaak Mac n Zak Cy n Zak

On a sidenote to this story, Catherine Zeta Jones hates Twan with a passion!
CZJ and Twan. Ouch.
I have never seen relationship levels this low before! maaaaaaaaan! But i guess that's what happens when you catch someone doing the woohoo with your husband in your bed. dang.

New Hair!
Sharon, Rachel and Fatima

New Hairdo... New Hairdo! New Hairdo!

Random happenings:
Charlize Farrell and her sister Skyy look like twins, but Charlize is days away from becoming a teenager.
Jerome got fed up with doing nothing as a hall of famer. He discovered he wants to work for a living and aims to be a business tycoon. but he's got to start towards the lower end of the middle as a Junior Executive, Level 4 of the business track.
Switching jobs!
Genevieve Eads and Sergio Hartnett (daughter of Fatima and son of Juvy) take a couples pic! hope this lasts through college!
Couple pic!